At a Glance

Cupertino, CA

Property Type Office
Size 6,222 square feet
Security 1st Trust Deed
Loan $805,000
Value $1,400,000
LTV 57%
Term 24 months

The subject property is a multi-tenant office building located on the same street as Apple, Inc and in close proximity to the affluent Cupertino and Saratoga neighborhoods. The 6,222 square foot property sits in a highly visible corner of De Anza Blvd, just south of route 85.

The property has been fully leased with a real estate developer, a mortgage broker, and several executive suites’ tenants. Due to the inconsistent income and short-term leases the borrower was unable to obtain traditional commercial financing and was referred to Hamilton Ridge.  Hamilton Ridge provided an $805,000 loan for over two years – ample time for the borrower to stabilize the rents and sell the property.